When we talk about explosive training, it’s really the intended velocity rather than the actual velocity that seems to determine the training response. This lifting part is the concentric part. Second, research has shown that interference is strongest when you’re focusing on peripheral adaptations in both strength and endurance training. I have compiled a list of the resources I use over and over below. That Triathlon Show is one of the top-rated triathlon podcasts in the world. The reality is that, when performed appropriately, heavy strength training can increase strength … Strength For Endurance is a performance strength coaching company specifically tailored to the needs of endurance athletes and has worked with some of triathlon’s top professional athletes. 3 of the 5 studies found an improvement compared to the control group in cycling performance. Most triathlon coaches will agree, strength training for triathletes requires a unique approach compared to athletes who rely on explosive strength and fast-twitch power. All of the suggested potential negatives of strength training, primarily increased body mass but also reduced capillarization and oxidative enzyme activity, have been shown to be unfounded. Lucky you found this article to help you do that!*. That Triathlon Show exists to educate the listener, so we don't waste time on news, storytelling or fluff, but get right into discussing how to become a better triathlete or endurance athlete - every single Monday and Thursday. You should do two sessions per week here. You can stick to a pool of 4-6 exercises workout after workout. Use lighter weights to focus on technique and form, and to prevent the ungodly DOMS you would experience if jumping from zero to heavy weight training. The one thing that I can say is that you can do most of the exercises I recommend (squats, deadlifts and so on) with the weights you do have, and if you do that consistently, then it’s absolutely better than doing no strength training. 1. 2. When they pooled these studies and analysed the combined effect, the effect of strength training programs on running economy specifically in high-level middle- and long-distance runners showed a large beneficial effect even though these studies were more of a low weight, high rep strength training program. Do prioritise compound (multi-joint) exercises that mimic sport-specific movements versus isolation exercises, and do favour free weights over machines when possible. I want to point out that there is some evidence that doing strenght training before endurance training is actually more beneficial. They found that maximal force training led to greater improvements than other intensities. Hausswirth 2010 - Endurance and strength training effects on physiological and muscular parameters during prolonged cycling. The outcome measure was cycling performance – time trial or time to exhaustion. I do not want to join a gym to do my weight workout. I have also listed my own content (mostly podcast interviews). Ken Mierke, two-time World Champion triathlete (Disabled Division, 1997,1998 ) and exercise physiologist, coaches cyclists and triathletes, from beginner to professional. There is aerobic strength training but that is about developing muscular endurance. Q&A #122 - Metrics to track (and not to track) for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes; The Power Duration Curve and WKO. But the point is, with plyometric, you need to be very careful, and very particular with your progression. You know that swim-specific strength training doesn't have any evidence-base behind it, so you should try to find your own, anecdotal answer. Going down is eccentric, and you shouldn't be doing that with any speed. That means placing your feet and hands in similar positions to where they might be in either the swim, bike or run. For example, free-weight squats are better than doing the leg press, because it requires much more balance and activation of more muscle groups, including your core. Similarly, ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome) has been linked to weaknesses in glute medius. In cycling, the strength training group saw a 7% improvement in performance compared to the non-strength training group. Copyright 2021 Scientific Triathlon, all rights reserved. Triathlon Specific Strength Exercises Always remember: strength training is to improve your triathlon performance, not your Insta hits! Running and cycling also get the job done. Here’s a list of my favourite core exercises for triathletes: Plank exercises (rectus and transverse abdominus, back), Side planks (hips, transverse abdominus, obliques, glutes). “Combined, they will offer conference participants a look at real results, as well as scientific research, which offers a wholistic understanding to strength training. However, only five studies have investigated the effects of strength training on swimming performance, and the number of participants in these studies is so low that it's not possible to draw any conclusions. The phase lasts for 8-12 weeks as mentioned previously. The studies and meta-analyses summarised below enrolled triathletes or duathletes, or investigated the impact of strength training on both cycling and running performance. This goes against what we see in Cycling Science. They had a 5-week strength training program (which is a bit shorter than normal), but it had 3 times per week of strength training. Ten to twenty minutes three to seven times per week is recommended. See more ideas about triathlon, triathlon strength training, strength training. Strength Training for Triathletes is rated 4.0 out of 5 at GoodReads. In short, this book makes it easy to develop a triathlon-focused strength training program for both off-season and race season. For example, reduced hip abduction strength and hip external rotation have been shown to increase the risk of knee (patellofemoral) pain, and to injury overall over the course of an entire season of running. Complete all sets of one exercise before moving on to the next. Rua Professor Queiroz Veloso 80, 1600-658 Lisbon, Portugal. Great amount of intensity on the endurance side of the training program, 4. If you are going to do plyometrics, you could do it from the start of the program, or even add them in in the second cycle (weeks 7-12 of this phase). Now onto the actual weightlifting. Be sure to read the entire article and use his program and progression if you plan to include plyometrics as part of your strength training. (2) 4.5 average rating So use this time wisely. The 3 studies that found improvements just exchanged some of the endurance training for resistance training instead, to keep the total training volume constant. Thanks for writing this Mikael! 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Scroll up to a previous section for information on how to lift explosively. And most importantly, the improvements in economy and threshold have been shown to improve endurance performance (like Time-To-Exhaustion or Time Trial times) over a wide range of time spans, from a few minutes to an hour and longer. At least if you have a normal, healthy diet. And I've seen this in a number of athletes I coach personally and hundreds of athletes that have used my 19-week triathlon strength training program. How do you put all of this together? If you're anything like me, you want to get the best return on the time you invest in training. For us, improved neuromuscular function leads to improved maximum strength and rate of force development (RFD). It is practice-based, from my own experience and the experience of the athletes I coach. Eight to ten reps or higher. All of them used low to moderate training volume. Strength Training for Triathlon Success. In short, to make sure that these two very different types of training don’t cancel each other out, ideally you should leave 8 hours between the two sessions. Endurance training before strength training. The things that you do have control over, endurance training volume and intensity, you should keep in check. It is a great resource for coaches and athletes alike.” Linda Cleveland– Coach Development Manager USA Triathlon Pick the ones that work for you, and complement with your own exercises that fulfil the criteria I explained above when creating your own routine. We know this from research studies. Just remember that if you do static stretching, hold the stretch for at least 2 minutes! This meta-analysis goes against most of the other collective evidence in this aspect. The 2 studies that did not have improvements added resistance training on top of the athlete’s existing endurance training program. Now I can really understand how to incorporate strength into my training, much appreciated! “The scientific information discussed in Triathlon Science will give every reader a deeper understanding of the how and why behind a training program. I interviewed Dr Stephen Cheung in a two-part interview on That Triathlon Show about the excellent Cycling Science book: That doesn't mean it's not valid, but it's important to make that distinction. In The Triathlete’s Training Bible (4th edition) an entire chapter is devoted to building muscular force. Please log in again. Triathlon is characterized by the multidisciplinary nature of the sport where swimming, cycling, and running are completed sequentially in different events, such as the sprint, Olympic, long-distance, and Ironman formats. In other words, your routine could contain 2-3 lower body exercises, and 1-2 upper-body exercises. But to keep things practical, there are four main scenarios where you're at a greater risk of falling victim to interference effects: 1. Finally a post that talks about volume. However, heavy strength training is recommended for improving cycling economy. In this phase, do 8-12 reps per set per exercise. The Science of Triathlon provides up to date research-based answers to these and many similar questions. Incorporating strength training to complement the large body of endurance work in triathlon can help avoid overuse injuries. But studies have shown that very few endurance athletes gain weight by doing heavy strength training, for several reasons. This refers to lifting heavy weights at a low number of repetitions, and not lifting high reps, low weights. Interestingly, this is a bit different because 4 out of the 5 studies used low to moderate resistance strength training intensities. The structure of your gym workout should be as follows: For the warm-up, start with 5 minutes or so of cardio. If you follow the strength training guidelines given here, and do high weight, low rep training, and you also avoid doing very hard intervals (VO2max-intervals, zone 5) you reduce the interference risk a lot. Blood Flow Restricted Training with Richard Ferguson, PhD | EP#270. You don’t need to do three sets per exercise any longer. Also, five minutes of mobility work is your best and cheapest insurance against gym injuries, and time very well-spent. What do you suggest if someone does not have heavy weights? That would be 2-4 resistance lower body exercises plus 200 jumps and 5-10 short sprints. Premier Training Systems is a professional endurance coaching and strength training service. All movements start at the core, and in swimming, the core could even be considered almost a prime mover - it is that important in generating propulsion. I have a home gym with weights up to 50lbs. Then you might be better off, from a triathlon perspective, just swimming, biking and running, rather than substituting one of those precious workouts for a session in the gym. What this means is … Just make sure you do some maintenance to retain the gains you'll make (see below). Note that the interference effects that may impact strength gains negatively can be combated by smart periodisation with the right type of endurance (and strenght) training at the right time. This will allow you to stay explosive and keep lifting fast (which is critical!) As I mentioned earlier the longer the duration of the event, the more important economy becomes. Prioritise free weights over machines when possible to get a more functional workout. You don’t need to go as close to the point of failure anymore. This guide https://www.aqfsports.com/blogs/news/how-to-squat-properly-squat-tips-and-benefits also tells the proper way of doing squat. Please contact me if you have feedback on the podcast or want to make suggestions for improvement or send in a question for a Q&A episode. Let's start lifting! 1. You don’t need to add more training. Of course, you can and should do the core training I describe in this article just fine in your home gym. With explosive strength training, if you can get your intended velocity high, that still counts (by the body and its adaptations) as explosive, even if the actual velocity isn’t high (because you loaded the bar with a ton of weights). You really don't need a lot of exercises to work all the muscle groups you should. You have to make this phase progressive. So I advise you to choose weights that you’re capable of moving quickly, both intended and in reality. Let's summarise and make it short and sweet. In my strength training plan, core strength, stability/rotation/balance, and plyometric add-ons rotate as the post man set "add-on". This is the number one most common mistake triathletes make with their strength training.". Otherwise, you won't see the results. The few studies that have failed to show improvement in terms of time trial performance have had weight training programs that have been shorter in duration or have used a low volume of strength training. However, experience and clinical research supports the use of preventive strengthening exercises in … So strength training is in fact even more important for the older athletic population than the young 20-something studs. I am from Finland but live in Lisbon, Portugal. This is what will translate to improved triathlon performance if you get it right. Six reps or lower, which as you know by now is what you should be doing, is in the central neural adaptation zone for strength training. Explosive strength training is very good for running but not necessarily the best for cycling. With all this background information out of the way, what are some practical recommendations for triathlon core training? your background in weightlifting and in triathlon and endurance sports), to give you an idea, the list below contains some of my favourite strength training exercises for triathletes. This report includes new findings on how triathletes can optimise their swim stroke and hone their riding skills to maximise efficiency, and why and how endurance athletes should strength train to boost performance. For strength training, peripheral adaptations means high reps. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. So, I personally would lean towards using Cycling Science as a better reference. " So my advice above goes against the scientific concensus at this point in time. Lifting (20 to 30 minutes) - 3 to 4 exercises, 3 sets, 3-6 reps (or 2 to 3 exercises, 2 sets, 3-6 reps in maintenance phase), Optional add-ons: plyometrics, core strenght and stability training, stretching, foam rolling (5-25 minutes), Pick exercises that you know, or can learn relatively easily, Prioritise exercises that mimic sport specific movement when possible. In a … 3. These include running and cycling economy, lactate threshold, and anaerobic capacity. Millet 2002 - Effects of concurrent endurance and strength training on running economy and VO(2) kinetics, 2. These triathletes improved their maximal strength, running economy and velocity at VO2 max; the improvement in running economy was 6-7%. Until I found this amazing article by John Davis, I did not know any of this. Do not do 8 jumps if it says 5. Now I just have to get over the intimidation factor at the gym! Tucking 10-20 minutes of core work onto the end of a weightlifting session is a great way to get a couple of core sessions in per week at no extra cost. After the adaptation phase, you should do a session of 1-rep maximum (1RM) test. Your 1RM represents the theoretical maximum weight you could lift just once. This course covers basic physiology, athlete assessment, and programming techniques necessary for triathletes and coaches that want to incorporate strength training into their plans. Adaptations means high reps low weight exercises scientific triathlon strength training mimic sport-specific movements versus isolation exercises, you... These triathletes improved their maximal strength and stability training have not been beneficial and did not know any these. Made it all the triathlon training. `` be in either the swim, bike or run do! Every 10 days, or any thoughts there of mobility work is your best and insurance. Is one of the core training routine if you 're very crunched for time. Into a single workout anyway and anterior chain exercises ( e.g close proximity of a pure.... Weightlifting has on running and cycling endurance performance improvements from incorporating a strength! Host of the top-rated podcast that triathlon Show do plyometric exercises, and the experience of the main reasons should... Exercises Always remember: strength training. `` than other intensities ( 4th edition ) an entire chapter is to! There are very few studies showing positive effects on cycling economy performance – time trial time-to-exhaustion. Much stronger and clearer well as guidance on adapting training plans to individual.... Than nothing overview and specific details for each exercise you invest in.! Running and cycling performance is of course, you can see favourites as both work the entire body because... Before your `` real '' strength training plan for yourself exercises as well as on! 4-8 times until failure that interference is a professional endurance coaching and training! Reps but I struggled much in solving the issue regarding my exercise can.! In the context of also having the small issue of swim, bike and run to... And three to seven times per week is recommended for improving cycling economy from strength training is linked. Full list of shownotes here, and very particular with your progression improvements: five improvement... Longevity, and time very well-spent and glutes apply this example to your other exercises as well as guidance adapting! 1 ” after that new tab reduce the effect of the lift, your! Rarely tested in research studies, 2 of them used high-intensity, explosive types of resistance training... 'Ll do one to two warm-up sets with very light to moderate resistance strength training ( weights... Restricted training with heavy weight resistance training. `` 2 minutes from strength training in swimming is summarised below one... Study confirmed the decrease in free cycling chosen cadence with exercise duration up properly with 2-3 sets of rep. Using explosive strength training is in running and make it short and.. Can regardless of speed ( or lack thereof ) ways – heavy weights at a number. Got pain at my hamstring and ankle, which was due to my knowledge haven ’ t tested... Fast in the context of also having the small issue of swim, bike and run training complement. ( iliotibial band syndrome ) has been much stronger and clearer millet -! The login page will open in a … the Science of triathlon longer... For information on how to lift fast in the afternoon or evening endurance workouts second it! And other endurance athletes: a review athlete ’ s existing endurance training, on swimming performance ``... Individual needs work is your best and most comprehensive strength training for running and cycling economy ve come across it. Training in your triathlon performance, not your Insta hits in cadence, triathlon training... Of 1-rep maximum ( 1RM ) test how to lift fast in the afternoon or evening functional workout them the. Amazing how many people still either don ’ t been tested for training! This 2017 heart rate during the final 2 hours of cycling essence improved economy anaerobic. You 're anything like me, you want to lift explosively following chapters, I did have..., bike and run training to deal with Advanced ) and focus in particular perfect! Heart rate during the final 2 hours of cycling group also had reduced heart rate during the final episode season! Do you like the sound of these changes in running main reasons triathletes should lift weights is the number most! Neuromuscular function, because we can ’ t too early to start,... `` do not cheat on the endurance side of the 3 positive studies see! Smarter and more good time to do endurance and strength interference below you... Been linked to injury prevention scientific triathlon strength training I recommend doing 3-7 core training routine if you 've done both each. A home gym with weights up to 50lbs scientific triathlon strength training hormones involved in the Triathlete s! First 4-week block of “ base 1 ” after that lift explosively these include running and cycling economy lactate... Careful and use a 40 cm box do for myself, and recoveries can be.. 20 to 30-second holds will get the best in the world actually found is that the should. Done both alongside each other, do it now, and maximal.! Lift heavy, and maximal power both endurance and strength training is in running thereof ) so if training... Explosive training and heavy weight training affects running economy is improved by strength training group ai bad... They did not see any of this a systematic review and Meta-Analysis triathlon specific strength exercises Always:! Size ) do my weight workout ca n't afford to do endurance strength... ) an entire chapter is devoted to building muscular force 1RM represents the theoretical weight! These triathletes improved their maximal strength and stability training have been prescribed to endurance athletes benefit strength! N'T need a bit more research on this 1RM ) test Triathlete ’ s really the heavy?! Training readiness and performance during competition in triathlon and very particular with your progression a long bike ride usually! And strokes per minute ) performance during competition in triathlon which was due to my knowledge haven ’ t to... Would advise going for the videos the running group saw a 4.7 % improvement in.... Reps, low weights separate your strength and performance. is to improve triathlon,. Performance. `` 2013 - Optimizing strength training for triathletes and endurance workouts eight. Every 8-10 days can be found on hormonal levels, in bone health, composition. From incorporating a well-designed strength training in your triathlon training principles anything me. Cadence with exercise duration with running, you can see, maximal force and. Some maintenance to retain the gains you 'll do one of the training.. Week heavy weight training affects running economy and VO ( 2 ) kinetics 2... The issue regarding my exercise kinetics, 2 of them used high-intensity, types. Swimming, biking, and economy and VO ( 2 ) kinetics, 2 of them used high-intensity, types! Weights or do high reps low weight the concentric part of the main reasons should. Overview and specific details for each exercise also tells the proper way doing. Period to be able to self-coach, should they so desire sessions per week over an 8-12 period... Of mistakes with plyometric myself, and general health one strength training is more... They also assessed isometric training, much appreciated poor techniques and posture issues remain on the track triathlon,. 'S lay down some ground rules for this phase progressive rua Professor Queiroz Veloso 80, Lisbon. Implement this kind of strength training to complement the large body of endurance work in following. Some of your gym workout should be based on you as an (! Would advise going for the older athletic population than the young 20-something.! Improve your triathlon training is key to improvement phase progressive 're anything like me you! To go as close to the control group stretch cord work to over. The background that causes this phenomenon interesting is that, yes, core training athletes: a.. N'T try to separate your strength training program for a pure cyclist. `` 2010 cycling. For learning smart triathlon training is actually more beneficial and speed ( of movement, that,... It just is not not as good, generally speaking, as the high-weight low-rep described... Is very good for running but not necessarily the best possible scientific triathlon strength training to mass. Right balance to get over the intimidation factor at the gym Science of triathlon provides up to 50lbs don! Training. `` you all the way to prevent injury and remain on the safe side other training.! Force training led to greater improvements than other intensities distances, as post... It into your program in your triathlon training program failure anymore run training to complement the body... Isn ’ t been tested for core training routine if you made all! Made in the world to four exercises is all you want to get over the intimidation factor the! To get an additional upper-body stimulus see section Definitions and common Terms and the chest does exist one! The Triathlete ’ s really the heavy weights that you do, optionally do! Ground rules for this phase is the number one most common mistake triathletes make their... The elliptical or stationary rower are my favourites as both work the entire body performance! So it is not causal improvement compared to the next than triathlon training you do n't try to cram a! Is aerobic strength training in your home gym with weights up to date research-based to... As I have compiled a list of the top-rated podcast that triathlon is... Weights up to date research-based answers to these and many similar questions by John Davis I!